Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Stratton reunion blog!

This is our blog, everyone.  Please feel free to post on it anytime you feel like it.  I will assimilate a schedule for the reunion and then post it here.  I made this blog under the urging of Ron, who wants to publicize his dutch oven cook-off event ideas.

Right now, what I would LOVE is ideas from all of you who plan on attending about what you want to do at this reunion.  I want it to be a reunion never to be forgotten; and I'm happy and very open to any suggestions.

At this point, I am planning on only having one; possibly two meals together.  We will all have our own kitchens in the cabins; and that just simplifies everything.  We still want to have reasons to get together, however; so therein lies the event ideas from all of you.

I also want to make sure every single Stratton is invited - so will the siblings (original 7) please make sure all your children know about this blog.  The easiest way to make sure they know is to make sure they are a friend of mine and then I can invite them to this event.  I have tried to gather as many Strattons as I could; but some do not have a facebook page; and then I would need their email address.  Just go to my profile and see who my friends are, and see if your posterity is listed there.

Here are some ideas for fun I have:

A hike in one of the nearby National Parks
Group Games
Ping Pong Tournament
Rook Tournament (it's becoming a lost Stratton tradition and should be resurrected!!)
Dutch Oven Cook-Off
Treasure Hunt
Family Sharing Time - Sharing Table - please share a few things you have learned or experienced this year

We're done with the quilt drawing; so if any of you have other ideas for gifts to give away I'm open.  I don't think we have a reunion fund; so it might be fun to figure out a way to raise funds through an auction or something.

There are activities on site at the resort also and I don't want to schedule things so much that we don't have any down time either.  I think everything that is scheduled is likely optional; so you can attend if you want; or not if you don't want to.  It would be nice to have a REAL family picture where we all are wearing something similar to the same color.  Any ideas on that one??

Love you all!


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  1. A family picture?!?! Oh boy, that is going to be a hard one, especially with all the wee little ones. But doable I guess. I think each of the original 7 should have a color for their family. My family is game for a National Park hike, as long as it isn't too long (my kids are good for about three miles, then they become too slow, but too stubborn to be carried), and I'm sure most of the other Alan Stratton's are also game for a hike. As I said on Facebook, we are also planning on bringing our 2-up four-wheeler and a dirt bike (if we have one by then). One or two meals together is great, maybe even just one, the Dutch Oven cook-off (count the Carl Stratton family in on that one). I'm going to see if I can convince Rod and Clarissa to come too.